Drunken Hearts Aren’t All That Bad

It’s been a hell of a week, between work, family, and friends who crave drama, you just want that break…better yet, FREEDOM! Friday is here and you are ready to let loose. It’s not something to throw yourself into every weekend, but this weekend as you curl your hair and pick out your “go to” outfit, you know that tonight, you won’t be the one watching others on the dance floor. You finish your rum and diet, “pre game” drink before you head out the door, it’s time. You and your girls are looking like stunners and instantly, you can feel the freedom with a side of drama rising…TONIGHT…IS…HERE.

First one to hit the dance floor, busting moves out that haven’t been seen since we were in high school like the Crip walk, shopping cart, and lawn mower…oh yeah get it girl. Then the guys show up. Generally, this would be the time to tone it back, but tonight you really don’t care, total confidence, you send over a wave and throw yourself right back into it. You know the guy you’ve been crushing on the past few months is watching you, but this time his gazing eyes aren’t worth impressing. If this makes him uninterested then so be it, because tonight, girl, it is all about you and that dance floor. Soon your running to the bathroom with your friend to stare at your sweaty self and trying to find a way to fix your makeup and hair that’s lost its nice flow. It’s useless; you put it up before you loose your confidence to boogie back down. You and your girls exchange comments, short stories, and drama before meeting the boys back out there. You feel unstoppable at this point, no worries, and no thoughts of tomorrow only tonight.

These ventured moments are not always our brightest memories, I’m sure we all often spill more than we want to, and expose some dark secrets of our personal life that were better left alone kept deep in our hearts. Heck, sometimes we get lucky though and find a connection with someone and even though it’s a sloppy conversation it cured a need we needed…a listener, drunk or sober, we all need that once in awhile, right?


Enjoy your Friday night, tonight. Let yourself find that freedom! Be safe this weekend!

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Heart Of Oil

So every month we all hear about some new fad that will slim are tummies, boost our metabolism, or help us drop 4 dress sizes in one week. If you are anything like me, we’ve tried some these “top trends”. Only after do I discover that my stomach doesn’t shrink, my energy level remains the same, and no I didn’t even drop 1 dress size. Instead, I just wasted my time and money and am left with embarrassment and guilt yet again for falling for another foolish trick. Now with that being said, I am going to speak truth behind all the Coconut Oil conversations. If this topic is new to you, try putting Coconut Oil in Google and you’ll catch on quick. However, my friends at Afro Fit sent me their African Virgin Coconut Oil and it truly is amazing. There are articles out there that have over 100 uses for Coconut Oil, now I don’t know if I believe all of them, but here’s what I’ve found use for it and it really works!

  1. Baking needs: it can be used as a replacement to butter (for those that are dairy free) it can also be used for your cooking oil in stir-fry’s, etc. I’ve used it in my gluten free cookies recipe and now I’ve even got my family to eat these “healthier” cookies without complaining.
  2. Skin: I use it as a basic lotion on my body and face. I always put it on at night and my face feels refreshed and smooth in the morning. I’ve never felt my skin feel so soft before. It can even help prevent acne from appearing. It can also be used as Chap Stick for lip moisture.
  3. Teeth: Twice a week I use it for oil pulling. I gargle it for about 20 minutes (I know that seems like along time) it’s a natural teeth whitener and helps improve gum health. If you mix it with baking soda, that’s an even better way to whiten and brush your teeth.
  4. Ladies you’ll love this one: It even helps diminish cellulite! Now, I’m not going to sell you on this, however, I have been using it regularly on my legs for the past month and I truly believe my skin looks and feels great because of the Coconut Oil.

There are many more uses for Coconut Oil, these are the few I use it for and believe that I’ve seen true results. There are many types of Coconut Oil, but I’ve discovered the African Virgin Coconut Oil, which is 100% natural from Afro Fit works best! They source and proceed this Oil in West Africa by small-scale local farmers in Ghana, who use traditional method to manufacture their virgin coconut oil. Please go to their site www.afrofit.co.uk to check out their Coconut Oil, Workout Videos, and more. It will bring you one step closer to living a healthier life.

Oil Pic

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Do You Have A Heart Of Tea Or Whiskey?


She’s whiskey in a teacup.

I grew up being taught what was right and what was wrong. I’ve been told over and over by many adults and I believe to have a good understanding of the concept between good and bad. And overall, I like the taste of tea, staying in on my weekends, having a movie night with a small group of friends. However, some nights, that tea doesn’t seem to fulfill me the way I want it too and the only way to make things right…. is to add a little whiskey.

I think no matter how much good there is in you, we all need or rather deserve are night of whiskey (or any alcohol) in our cups. It feels good of letting go from our daily stresses of work, relationships, friends, or family and feeling freedom! I’m not saying I’m perfect, but if you met me, I’m more on the shy side, I like to make sure everyone’s happy and I do my best to keep any rude thoughts to myself. If I had to pick I look like tea rather than whiskey…but I have a little whiskey in me. Those nights I get to let loose can be some of my greatest, yet most dangerous moments. The end results of that whiskey and freedom may not be good, but needed.

Tonight, I may look like tea, but I’m drinking whiskey. Right now, I want to dance, I’ll probably get loud and yes people will judge, but guess what? My night will be better than yours.

What are you drinking?

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A Heart of a Fool

It’s a mixed up world now a days. We have a voice, a mind, and so much freedom, some would say even too much. Relationships, partnerships, marriages, etc…they are so full of liars, cheaters, and mistreaters. Isn’t it weird to think about not that long ago your parents picked whom you’d marry? An arrange married, you have no say or control over the matter, heck you barely even knew the guy before you were walking down the aisle to say “I do”. Yet, now people say they need to live together for at least a year or two to see if they can be compatible together before the marriage part.

What changed?

I can’t decide whose braver, those who jumped into a marriage with someone they didn’t know at all, or those who refuse to settle with someone till they are absolutely positive their boyfriend is husband material. And they don’t say the “I do” till then. Honestly, I’m sitting here dating a guy on and off for like 3 years and am feeling pretty foolish. If my grandma could up and marry a guy she barely knew and she was 5 years younger than me and have two kids with him without second guessing than what am I doing? Why am I so afraid to jump in too? That brings me to my freedom talk, I have freedom to pick and choose, and sometimes I’m wondering if it’s almost a bad thing. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I would not do an arrange marriage, my point is, there are so many other guys out there that I haven’t met yet. So if my options are limitless than when do I know that this one is it? Is there a time limit on this relationship race or amount of boyfriends and dates I can go on till I have to pick? If there is I’m sure I’ve already hit it.

We are a new generation, that’s for sure. And in no way am I complaining about any of this, I guess I just wonder, what’s made commitment these days so much harder than those before us?

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The Men In My Heart

Either I have a terrible type or every guy is the same…

Looking back at my track record, and let me be clear for a moment, I haven’t “officially” dated many guys, but I’ve had a lot of “flings”. Now, looking back on the list of guys I’ve had an interest in, hung out with, accepted one date from, and officially dated, I’m beginning to see a similar pattern. And not necessarily a pattern in the type of guys because I’ve tried the athlete, the brainiac, the bad boy, the goofy one, heck I’ve tried a foreigner…yet I still seem to find myself in the same boat with similar feelings towards each guy. Yes, my longer relationship men were great, and there’s not a real comparison to the other flings, but the things that bug me like gestures, hand motions, or “moves”, as we call them, are all the same. Every guy uses the same “moves” and I find it extremely annoying to the point that I can no longer see the good qualities I once saw. Because now that they’ve resembled themselves with a particular gesture or “move” I relate them to previous guys that I could no longer stand and soon before I know it they’re looking like my exes and I’m back to having the breakup talk again.

So my question is, do I truly have terrible taste in men, or is it possible that all men are the same?

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The Heart of Entertainment

Maybe I’m wrong, but at some point in time every relationship has their dull moment where things are just plain boring. The butterflies are gone, you’ve grown comfortable with each other and your dates have become a last minute, “I’m hungry, lets eat” dinner at Applebee’s. You’ve now hit that wall where you miss the excitement and maybe even crave a little drama.

It’s like your favorite television show and you love the tension between the two main characters. Everyone knows they should be together, but there’s always drama or issues that arise and place roadblocks in the way of them dating. But then finally there’s that episode when they both decide they want to be together and it’s almost like you feel their love for one another at that moment. But soon, as the show goes on and the two main characters are now a couple, you realize the show is losing your interest. There’s no more drama, there’s no excitement. Suddenly, your mindset has changed and you want them to break up just for that drama and commotion again.

Isn’t that kind of like our own lives, we love the newness of a relationship. The chance to meet a guy and never knowing what he’s going to do next.; when you have your first kiss and all the butterflies that come along with it. You get to add a title to it and tell people all about your boyfriend but soon after a few months or maybe years, that newness dries up and your left with no butterflies, drama, or unpredictable surprises…you become uninterested with the relationship.

So what now? Do you constantly jump from relationship to relationship to keep the newness or is there a solution to maintaining the excitement, or perhaps we all settle with the comfortable, easy, and less exciting relationship?

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A Safe Not Sorry Heart

Because sometimes looks matter…

He’s straight trouble and you know it. There are red flags being raised left and right from the second he opens his mouth, but you continue to sit there, smile, bat your eyes, and play with your hair. You know exactly what you are about to get yourself into, but you just can’t get yourself to walk away. He’s tall, tan skin, and one soft touch on his arm and your feeling more than just the fabric of his navy t-shirt…straight muscle. Now your mind is focused on the shallow pros your listing in your head and muting the cons of his absence of motivation for work, dropping out of college, and his sorry comments that lack common sense. He heads to the bar for another drink and as you watch him leave, you think, “I need to walk away now,” but you know you won’t. Why? The night is pointless, yeah you could have some fun, dance the night away and end it with a make-out or more, but bottom line: there’s no future here. You face the question now, are you going to play it safe and make yourself an excuse to leave when he gets back, or be sorry the next day knowing that beyond looks, there’s nothing here. At best, you can drag this “fling” on for a couple weeks tops till you discover you need more of a real man than this. Or he will become your bad boy that you get hooked on like a drug. Either way, you know the logical answer to this scenario is to play it safe and walk away. But like any other girl in the world who found a hot guy to give them attention, you won’t. You’ll stay, because at that moment one night is one night, and you want to “live in the moment”. Well just know you’ve been warned, and it’s your walk of shame the next day…or two weeks from now.

My only question is, is this truly worth your time, or can we be better than this?

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Friendless Heart

So I’m going to start by saying, I am guilty of this! I, myself, and thousands of other girls have fallen into this state of mind and have done this at one point in their life, and so I’ll begin.

Point Blank: when we get into relationships and start losing our friends.

We, as girls, hit our breaking point and just want a guy in our lives. Some girls form of “want” turns into desperation, which saddens me, while others of us just simply want a guy, because we’re human. Here’s the big issue though, girls that get to be so desperate to find a guy that they end up ditching their girls to get the guy. I can understand if a really nice, attractive guy asks you out, and there has been no red flags or reasons to turn him down and you say accept his request for a date. However, the date he picks happens to be the same day with a girlfriend so you have to cancel, with the right intentions to cancel, I’m sure your friend would be understanding. But there’s a different between once and several times. I think we often forget who was there for us in the beginning; the girls. You can be dating or even married to the most fantastic guy in the world, but to forget your girlfriends because of it, isn’t right. No I’m not speaking out of jealousy of girls who have a relationship, I’m speaking from a girl whose done it to her own friends and has had it done to her. You need your girls, because your man is going to fail you at times, and you’ll have your low moments and when you do, it’s your girls that your going to turn to. You can still have ladies nights when your in a relationship, matter of fact I recommend it. It makes your nights alone with your man more special and your friends being joy to your life too.

No matter how old you are and you feel rushed to find a man, don’t forget your ladies when you get the chance to meet a guy. Your relationship with your man is important, but so is the one with your girls, don’t forget that!

“Stand by your man, but sit with your girlfriends…”

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How to Love with the Heart?

“I love you.”

These three little words can mean everything in situations and absolutely nothing in others, it’s all in how and to whom you say it.

I use this sentence when I talk to my parents, my sisters, and my brothers, but there’s one individual who gets to hear these sweet precious words everyday from me and that’s….my dog. Yup, I’ve said it, my puppy (she’s actually 7), greets me at the door everyday after work and I pick her up (she’s a shih tzu) and hug her and tell her how much I love and missed her. Then she sprawls herself out on her back so I’m able to rub her little tummy and she looks at me with her big brown eyes and at that moment, I believe she’s telling me she loves me too.


Now is it easy for me to say these words to my puppy because I don’t truly mean it? Heck no, I know when I say “I love you” to Izzy (my dog) that I mean it 100%. When it’s time to say goodbye to her, my life will be torn apart because I love her so much, but let’s get to my point. When I think about sharing these three little words with a guy…well to put it simply…the idea strikes my heart like lightening and I feel like I’d pass out. Was that too extreme? Sorry, but it scares me and I can’t figure out why.

There’s many different kinds of love: love for a family member, love for our friends, love for our pets, and love for hobbies, then there’s love for our significant other…the kind of love that comes from the deepest place in our hearts…true love (that Disney kind of love I guess).

I’ve had moments where I get that deep down “love” feeling and it seems like it’s time to say it, but when I visualize the words coming out of my mouth…I quickly swallow them back down. I want these words to mean something big when I say it to that special someone, maybe I’m being too cautious, but at least I know that when I do say it, I’ll really mean it…from the heart.

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Heart of a City

A new city full of shopping, history, bars, and a whole lot of MUSIC! I finally had the chance to experience Nashville last month and it was everything I had expected and more. Here’s my #flashbackfriday post to a city I fell in love with instantly.

So even though I’m not from the south, I think I’m a country girl at heart. Nashville, Tennessee is known to be Music City, where country music was born and I couldn’t agree more. It was such a thrilling experience to be in bars like Tootsies and The Stage, knowing that this was where so many great country artists I love, started out. Some of these bars even travel back to the days of Jonny Cash, June Carter, and Little Johnny Dickens. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you, but the history of this town, speaks loudly. Every corner you turn there’s a story of some great artist who stood there or sang their heart out waiting to be heard.  It’s what makes this city so magical. Every single night of the week there’s live music, you can go into a bar on Monday at noon and sure enough you have someone whose dream is to be heard and they are singing their heart out on stage, giving their two people audience something to remember.

You may not care for country music, or Nashville, but I’m sure there’s a vacation or place you’ve been that excited you the way Nashville did to me. Any new place I go I find something that fascinates me. Because in each big or little city there are stories, there is a unique character about that place that no one else has, and it’s special. Even the little town you live in now, you may not realize it, but there’s something there that makes it worth visiting. If I had the chance and let’s hope someday I do…I want to see it all.

Travel…to make a journey and understand the world we live in…

n       n2      n3

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