1 Secret to Gaining a Positive Heart

Things never seem to go as planned. Life is a true obstacle course and we hit bumps in the road that bring us down. Occasionally we’ll be stuck in that hole of doubt and more junk gets dumped on us and it seems like there is no exit to this misery and we’ll be sitting on rock bottom for months.

However, from experience there is light at the end of the tunnel, I truly believe that every stumble and fall is only a season. So before you go throwing yourself a pity party because your life is much worse than those around you, remember that everyone is fighting their own battles. With that being said, I’m not saying it’s your job to save the world of their problems and forget about your own, but one thing you can do, is be their light. Be an example to those around you, even though your life isn’t perfect, sometimes others need to see positivity. If you can carry a positive and uplifting outlook on life, it can bring strength to others going through a difficult time. Smile through the pain, and focus on the good things in your life. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’ll let you in on a little secret that’s helped me live a more positive life. 

Here’s my secret:

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On my way to work, or even getting ready for the day I’ve decided to find 10 things that I am thankful for.

Counting my many blessings, down to the bed I slept in or the soap in the shower, gives me a chance to start my day out with positive thoughts. It puts a smile on my face and I am able to bless others and help change their attitude for there day.

It may sound silly to you, but before you count it off, give it a try! I’d love to hear your thoughts :).

A Heart and A Mind

The heart and mind can often be two completely different things. Both with their own opinions in situations. People sometimes have difficulty deciding which one to listen to when split decisions occur.

It’s scary to know that a decision you make in your life, may not be what you feel in your heart, but in your mind.

Our minds can fool us and misguide us. Minds can never tell our true feelings, they base their decisions on facts of life or more logic and reasoning. So how do we tell the difference between what we feel in our hearts and what we feel is right in our minds?

This topic arises for me because my best guy friend just told me he likes me more than just a friend. I knew this day was coming because he’s been treating me differently. My mind says go for it, because I’m attracted to him and I’ve been hurt for so long that it’ll feel good to be loved by someone I know won’t hurt me.

But is this really what my heart wants or needs? Am I ready?

Coming out of a situation where I’ve just been hurt, I need some alone and recovery time. It’ll give me a chance to get over the pain I feel before rushing into something that could be great, but if it’s the wrong decision, I’ll also lose my best friend out of the wrong choice.

Do I wait and take the time to figure out if this is what I want or need, or do I jump in with my heart on my sleeve and hope it’s what my heart feels to be true?


A Craving Heart

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Ever realized how many times you say the words, “I want” in a day or a week.

Just think about that? It was a lot wasn’t it? For me it’s almost too many times to count. I realized that’s something that I struggle with. I’m constantly thinking about myself and the wants and needs in my life that I don’t take time to see my blessings and the gifts I do have. Looking at the others that are less fortunate than me and it makes me disgusted with myself to know I was being that selfish.

Focusing on others needs and helping them with what you can do can bring such joy to your own life and be more satisfying than getting yourself that new shirt or outfit you wanted. It is a sacrifice to give up things you want and give to others, but if you can find that joy in giving,  your life can be just as blessed. Look beyond your own needs and seek to help others. It’s a difficult task, but also a very rewarding one.

An Open Heart

Consider the word ‘YES

What’s that mean to you?

Does it hold meaning to acceptance, or agreeing, or the direct definition would be, “used to give an affirmative response.”

So now think about all the invitations or opportunities that have come your way in the past couple weeks, I am talking about the big ones like going to a concert to the very little ones like getting coffee with a distant friend. How many did you say yes to? How many did you say no to, or to better put that, you didn’t say no, but when the time came to go, you were sick, too busy, forgot you made other plans, or some other flat out lie to get yourself out of it. Am I right? I know I do these things all the time. And I have to ask myself why? Sometimes better plans do come up and I’d rather be there, or I don’t want to go because I won’t know everyone there and I’m on the shy side when it comes to meeting new people, or I simply just would rather be alone for the night.

The excuses are lame, the opportunity comes and invitations pass and we are all missing out on what could be great experiences and memories. I am tired of thinking what would have happened if I went, who I could have met, or better yet, who could have met me! I’m not saying I’m going to vow to always say ‘yes’ to things, BUT I am going to accept invitations, as much as possible, within means. If it’s going to put me in harm’s way then I think it’s best to say no, but I’m sure you get the point.

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Don’t let life pass you by; everyday is an invitation to a new adventure….accept it and great things can happen.

Heart’s Future

I want to go far and I want to make a difference, but most importantly I want to do it for the right reasons and bless others. I want to be inspired and hold my goals high for my life. The direction I’m headed is not clear, but I’m okay with that as long as I keep moving and never give up. I have so many questions about my future, but I know that I’ll never know if I’m making the right decisions unless I try.

My failures will help direct my paths, but sitting back and waiting for them to come to me, will get me nowhere.

I will not be afraid of my future or taking chances.

Heart Stands Still

Have you ever ran into your crush at the mall or something and that very moment you two walk away you find yourself taking out your phone in hopes he will call or text you soon. Soon the sadness creeps in as your phone does not go off all night and when it finally does it’s your mom telling you about a family dinner planned for tomorrow. You find yourself depressed and debating if a text to him first would help move things along for you two….let me stop you there. 

I’m all for girl power and we can make the first moves, but sometimes you just have to read the guy. In the beginning of most new “crushes” I think it’s important to let them do the chasing. A guy will make it happen if they want it to make it happen. There are the special cases where some guys are shy and they need you to make the first move. However, if this is a guy that has been playing this game with you for some time now, then it’s time you allow every move to be put into his hands. He expects you to text him first, so don’t. You’ll surprise him and it’ll catch his interest more. He will sit there wondering if you don’t like him anymore and if he messed up because you’re no longer chasing him.

Stop luring yourself into his web of girls that are wrapped around his finger. Don’t make plans around him; hang out with your friends and keep your plans with the expectation of not hearing from him. It shows confidence in yourself and you are allowing yourself to find happiness on your own rather than allowing someone else to be in charge of it.

So for now do nothing…put the phone away, go hangout with your girls…and let the guys do the chasing.

Stagnant Heart

Days go by and I feel like I’m wasting time, but for what? Is there ever a point in life when you can say, “I made it!” Then at that point you are free to do whatever you please and you’ll never worry or stress again? I’m beginning to think there’s just no such thing. Life is full of different decisions some big some small. There are good times and bad times and everyone is faced with their own battles.

 My battle…

I want to know that I’m on the right track and working towards something amazing. I constantly feel pulled in different directions by others opinions and needs, but what about what I want? What if what I’m doing isn’t meant for my me? I do feel comfortable where I am at in my life, but I’m to the point where it bothers me, that I’m too comfortable in my plain life. I want to be busy and move forward with a career, I just have no direction to move in.

My solution…

I know what I like and don’t like. I have many desires and dreams to fulfill in my life, that I’m finding it hard to pick just one. However, searching and doing things to create opportunities will always move me forward and narrow my search to finding the life I am meant to live. Never give up and never stop working towards your dreams.